The Order of the Apostles

Welcome to the Order of the Apostles

The Order of the Apostles commits themselves to the organization of citizens in times of conflict, defends Elanthians against invading forces, develops an exceptional information network, sets strong moral values and educates and trains members in an effort to actualize their true prowess based on their race and their profession of choice, through instruction taught by individuals specializing in those fields. We focus on training citizens skills they can use in hunting as well as for fighting and protecting Crossing.

white shield overlaying twin, crossed longswords. A perfect circle of thirteen ruby stars crests the shield's center

Where do you belong?


The members in this subdivision of the Apostles are responsible for inter-provincial diplomatic and public relations, as well as the bulk of new member recruitment. Specific duties of the Wolfpack members may include recruitment eventing, interviews for new recruits, and attendance at ally organization events.


The members in this subdivision of the Apostles are responsible for tactical support to all combat troops during times of conflict and working to provide continued service to the community in times of peace. Specific duties of Attendants may include development of triage-specific strategies with ally organizations, herb collection, and triage duties during invasions, wars and Order events


The Champions as a subdivision of the Apostles are responsible for training members in the arts of warfare, developing combat strategies, and hosting group hunts and other combat events. Specific duties of the Champions may include working with ally organizations to achieve combat-related goals, and hosting events for internal combat training and strategy development.


The members in this subdivision of the Apostles are responsible for providing members with training in trades and arts, collecting and processing information, and focusing on both practical and scholarly pursuits. Specific duties of Artificers may include compiling historic or intelligence information, recruiting and hosting guest lectures, and maintaining the records of the Order.