The Order of the Apostles

The Official Charter


It is our belief that in times of turmoil, as well as times of peace, there stands a need for people of like mind and purpose to unite their efforts in order to guard and defend the greater good. To further this cause, the call has often been sounded and we, who have responded, pledge ourselves to a purpose beyond that of personal advancement or gain. We, who once fought alone and who now stand united, seek strength in unity while embracing the individuality in each member. Held together through strength of purpose, we strive to make the lives of all Elanthian citizens safer by providing leadership and valued service to the community.

Mission Statement

The Order of the Apostles strives to lead, inform, protect, and serve the law-abiding citizens of Elanthia.

Reason for Founding

In the early years, those adventurers who would become the founding members of the Apostles, began to draw people together to instruct the young, exchange information and strengthen the bonds of community. During the period of time known to some as the Red Winter War, when community resources were pushed to the breaking point, it was quickly realized that without strong leadership the invading forces of the Gorbesh would quickly overcome the defenders of Elanthia. The first members of the Apostles answered this need by organizing patrols, rally points and leading the citizens of Elanthia in repulsing the aggressors.

Once the war had come to an end, it became apparent that the need for leadership did not end in the absence of a common enemy. Quite the opposite became evident over time and led to the formal founding of an Order meant to fill this need. The Apostles stand ready to provide leadership in times of war; while continuing to gather the young and teach them the skills needed to thrive in times of peace.

The Revival

394 years since the Victory of Lanival the Redeemer, with the Outcast War still fresh in our minds and the current threat from beyond the barrier knocking at our gates, a group of adventurers come together in the hopes of reviving this once thriving order. With the revival the group hopes to assist the citizens of Elanthia in repelling the ever present threat of the undead hordes gathering against them.

Once the threat is neutralized the Apostles will continue to be a presence in Elanthia to teach, lead, protect and serve.


While the leadership of the Order is most often felt during times of war, peacetime assessments are constantly made in the name of finding areas of weakness in the defense of the realms as a whole. Furthermore, the Apostles provide invaluable intelligence and reconnaissance, enabling the citizens under its protection to make informed decisions and act in the best interest of Elanthia. All members of the Order are rigorously trained to make full use of their talents, regardless of race or guild standing, to ensure the Elanthian public will have leadership they are able to respect and follow. The Order of the Apostles believes respect can not be demanded nor is it the "right of might". Respect is won through good deeds, friendship and conducting oneself in an honorable fashion. It is something each Apostle assists their fellow members not only to achieve, but maintain.

Goals of the Order

  1. The Apostles will educate and train its members in an effort to assist them in realizing their true potential. Members are then encouraged to share their knowledge and experience with other citizens of Elanthia.
  2. The Apostles will develop an exceptional information network and provide it to the public.
  3. Individual members of the Apostles will set strong moral values and encourage others to uphold them as well.
  4. Members of the Apostles will commit themselves to the organization of citizens in times of conflict.
  5. The Apostles will work together with Elanthian citizens towards neutralizing any threat against Elanthia as a whole.

Coat of Arms/Order Crest

The crest of the Apostles, two swords crossing behind a shield, stands as our symbol of leadership and strength. The shield represents the defense of Elanthia. The white in the body of the shield symbolizes goodness and purity. The thirteen red stars in the field of shield are placed for remembrance of those whose lives poured out on the field of battle defending Elanthia and her gods and goddesses. The two crossed swords characterize wisdom and purpose; that which guide the strike of a weapon. The shield and sword mounted on display declare the readiness and vigilance of an Apostle member.

Membership Badge

Apostle Members wear the Apostle's Pauldron. The pauldron depicts the Apostles crest: two swords crossing under a white and red shield. The pauldron is worn to state membership within the Apostles and support for the community of Elanthia.